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Sample Letter - Requesting an IEP or 504 Meeting

Mr./Mrs. Administrator Name

Special Education Teacher

--- Unified School District


Re: [child's name, school, grade]


Dear Mr/Ms:


I am the parent of [child's name], a special education student who is currently enrolled in [3rd] grade at [describe school and program, ie. Elementary School in the special day class for disabled students with learning disabilities].


I am requesting that an IEP meeting be held for my son as soon as possible and in no more than 10 business days as required by law. (you can add recommended times and dates you are available) This meeting is necessary due to the fact that


[Describe Current or ongoing problem that needs the team reconvening at a time other than the annual IEP such as:


My child has a new diagnosis which will impact his learning and require specialized instruction and related services. [or]


My child's current placement is too restrictive [or].


My child's program needs to be modified to address his/her current individual needs appropriately and for this reason I am asking the team to reconvene.



I request that following people [list and contact info if non-district people] attend the IEP. Please ensure their participation and that the IEP be held at a mutually agreeable time and place for all participants.


Thank you in advance for your prompt action regarding this request.






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