At Arizona Advocates we believe that every child deserves the right to a quality education, that prepares them for meaningful employment or higher education, as well as full participation in his or her community. We recognize that parents want their children to be happy at school, to enjoy learning and to have a positive school experience.

Having a child in special education or on a 504, creates a set of different school experiences and can often be  a challenging journey. IEP's, 504's, what does it all mean? What educational rights does each child in special education have? Trying to navigate and understand the special education system can be overwhelming.  Arizona Advocates have the successful strategies and solutions to help parents navigate through the process. Given our tenured professional expertise, we have a positive history of resolving issues in a way that protects rights and encourages collaborative solutions.

If you are a new parent or if you have been down this path for years, Arizona Advocates is a resource that can make a positive difference for you and your child.